PSYC 358 (Evolutionary Psychology)




Essay Assignment:

What is parental investment theory, and what implications does it have for human cognition and behavior?  Support your answer by referring to research examples that test specific psychological hypotheses that follow from the evolutionary logic of parental investment theory.


Rules to follow in preparing your essay:

This essay is due on Tuesday, November 28, at the start of class.  (Of course, you may hand it in anytime before that.)

Your essay should be typed and double-spaced. 

It cannot be longer than 3 printed double-spaced pages. (And the font size cannot be smaller than 11-point font).

Put both your name and your student number at the top of each page.

This should go with saying, but I'll say it anyway:  In completing this essay assignment, you must comply with UBC's policy regarding academic honesty. You must complete this essay assignment independently.  Do not use any other student's essay to inform yours. Do not show your essay to any other student.  Do not discuss your essay with any other student.  This essay must honestly reflect your own work.

(In addition to printing off and handing in a "hard copy" of your essay, please save an electronic copy of the essay as well, and keep it saved until you receive a final grade for this course.  If any questions arise regarding the independence of your essay, you will be required to provide the electronic version for further analysis.)


Marking considerations to consider:

This essay assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge that you have acquired in this course thus far.  You may (and should!) draw on material presented in the assigned readings and in lectures.  (There is no need to draw upon additional material beyond that which is part of this course.) 

Your essay will be marked according to how accurately, how convincingly, and how thoroughly it uses course material to address the assignment. 

Generally speaking, an essay is likely to get a higher mark to the extent that:


Your performance on this essay assignment will count 15% toward your final course grade.