Psychology Department’s Position on Academic Misconduct


Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic misconduct are very serious concerns of the University, and the Department of Psychology has taken steps to alleviate them.  In the first place, the Department has implemented software that, can reliably detect cheating on multiple-choice exams by analyzing the patterns of students’ responses.  In addition, the Department subscribes to TurnItIn--a service designed to detect and deter plagiarism.  All materials (term papers, lab reports, etc.) that students submit for grading will be scanned and compared to over 5 billion pages of content located on the Internet or in TurnItIn’s own proprietary databases.  The results of these comparisons are compiled into customized “Originality Reports” containing several, sensitive measures of plagiarism; instructors receive copies of these reports for every student in their class.

In all cases of suspected academic misconduct, the parties involved will be pursued to the fullest extent dictated by the guidelines of the University.  Strong evidence of cheating or plagiarism may result in a zero credit for the work in question.  According to the University Act (section 61), the President of UBC has the right to impose harsher penalties including (but not limited to) a failing grade for the course, suspension from the University, cancellation of scholarships, or a notation added to a student’s transcript.

All graded work in this course, unless otherwise specified, is to be original work done independently by individuals.  Do not use Google/Yahoo/MSN Search/etc. to find articles for assignments in this course.  Do use any of the indexes and databases listed under Indexes and Databases, Subject Resources, OneSearch or Metasearch on the Library’s website at  (Not sure which index to use?  Click HELP on the library homepage at or try Subject Resources.)

If you have any questions as to whether or not what you are doing is even a borderline case of academic misconduct, please consult your instructor.  For details on pertinent University policies and procedures, please see Chapter 5 in the UBC Calendar (