The Psychophysics and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
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Principal Researcher

Dr. Lawrence M. Ward

Graduate Students

Shannon E. MacLean

Dr. Kevin Sauve

Nicolas Bedo

Lab Coordinator

Ania Mizgalewicz

Research Assistant/Webmaster

Aaron M. Kirschner

Research Assistants

Sam Bayless

Lizzy Blundon


Haven Anderson

Alumni & Associates

Dr. Odie Geiger [B.C. Heart and Stroke Foundation, retired]

Dr. Keiichi Kitajo [RIKEN Brain Science Institute]

Dr. John McDonald [Simon Fraser University]

Dr. Shuji Mori [Kyushu University]

Dr. David Prime [Université de Montréal]

Dr. Christian Richard [Battelle Research Institute]

Dr. Alexa Roggeveen [McMaster University]

Dr. Matthew Tata [University of Lethbridge]

Dr. Robert West [Carleton University]


Room 3014, 2136 West Mall, Vancouver BC, Canada , V6T1Z4 | Wardlab [at] | Phone:(604) 822 5488 Fax:(604) 822-6983