06.2 – Graphic Design; Graphical User Interfaces




What will be covered

o   Basic elements of graphic design

o   Basic elements of graphical user interfaces

o   Connection to visual perception


Presentation [notes]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



            R. Williams, Non-Designer's Design Book, ch 1-5.

            Mullet & Sano, Designing Visual Interfaces, pp. 1-49  [pdf]



Rabb, The Presentation Design Book, pp. 47-57. [pdf]

Baecker et al., Vision, Graphic Design, and Visual Display. [pdf]


Relevant sites/blogs:

Interface Hall of Shame:  http://interfacehallofshame.eu/www.iarchitect.com/shame.htm

baddesigns.com:  http://www.baddesigns.com/examples.html

Web Pages That Suck:  http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/


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