10.2 – Film; Concurrent Displays




What will be covered

o   Transitions between sequential displays (film)

o   Co-ordination of multiple concurrent displays

o   Connection to visual perception


Presentation [notes]


Posters [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



McCloud, Understanding Comics, ch. 3. [pdf]

May.  Perceptual Principles and Computer Graphics.  [pdf]

North & Shneiderman.  Snap-together visualization: Can Users Construct and Operate Coordinated Visualizations?  [pdf]




Cutting.  Perceiving Scenes in Film and in the World.  [pdf]

Wang-Baldonado et al. Guidelines for Using Multiple Views in Information Visualization.  [pdf]

Brodbeck and Girardin.  Using Multiple Co-ordinated Views to Analyze Geo-Referenced High-Dimensional Datasets.  [pdf]

Zacks & Magliano.  Film, Narrative, and Cognitive Neuroscience. [pdf]



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