11.2 – Navigation of Information Spaces




What will be covered

o   Spatial navigation metaphors

o   Navigation strategies

o   Web navigation

o   Connection to visual perception


Presentation [notes]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]




Ware, ch 10 - Exploration and Navigation Loop; Focus, Context and Scale in Nonmetaphoric Interfaces

Spence.  A Framework for Navigation.  [pdf]

McCloud. Reinventing Comics, pp. 212-235.  [pdf]



Furnas. Effective View Navigation. [pdf]

Plumlee & Ware.  Zooming vs Multiple Window Interfaces: Cognitive Costs of Visual Comparisons.  [pdf]

Van Wijk & Nuij.  Smooth and Efficient Zooming and Panning.  [pdf]

Vinson.  Design Guidelines for Landmarks to Support Navigation in Virtual Environments.  [pdf]




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