PSYC 579 – Class Format

There will be two classes per week, covering a related set of topics.  The first class (Tuesdays) will focus perceptual mechanisms, with their connection to applications.  The second class (Thursdays) will focus on an application area, with connections to perceptual mechanisms. 

For each class:

1. A presentation will be given by one of the students. Presentations will be 25-30 minutes long, and be based on the assigned readings for that class.  They should highlight the more important and/or interesting issues in the material for that day, and ideally will provide some added perspectives.   They must touch on both the psychological research, and possible applications to visual display design.

2. Each group of 4-5 students will then analyze an essay about the material covered in that presentation.  Each day, 3-4 students (assigned beforehand) will submit an essay to be analyzed that day.  This will cover the same material as the presentation, but from the "opposite" side: when the presentation emphasizes perceptual mechanisms (Tuesdays), the essay will propose 3 potential concrete design applications (in HCI, visualization, etc.); when the presentation emphasizes applications (Thursdays), the essay will propose 3 perceptual mechanisms that are potentially relevant (e.g., attention, grouping).

3. Following the analysis of essays, there will be a class-wide discussion of the topic.  This will be in seminar format, intended to provide further discussion of issues raised by the readings, presentation, and essays.



Please send me a pdf file of your presentation 12 hours before class so that I can make copies available.  These will be posted on the webpage.

If you want to use my laptop for your presentation, please bring a Powerpoint file on a memory stick / flash drive.



Please bring send me a pdf file of your essay by 12 hours before before class so that I can post these by that morning.  These will then be available on the webpage for that class.


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