Object Substitution Without Reentry?
V DiLollo, JT Enns, and RA Rensink; Dept. of Psychology, University of British Columbia.

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General,131: 594-596. 2002.   [pdf]


G. Francis and F. Hermens (2002) used computer simulations to claim that many current models of metacontrast masking can account for the findings of V. DiLollo, J.T. Enns, and R.A. Rensink (2000). They also claimed that notions of reentrant processing are not necessary because all of V. DiLollo et al.'s data can be explained by feed-forward models. The authors show that G. Francis and F. Hermen's claims are vitiated by inappropriate modeling of attention and by ignoring important apsects of V. DiLollo et al.'s results.

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