VSearch: Macintosh Software for Experiments in Visual Search
James T. Enns, Eric P. Ochs, and Ronald A. Rensink, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 22:118-122. 1990.  


In this paper, we describe software that turns a Macintosh computer into an off-the-shelf tool for experiments on visual search. Our design goals included portability (between members of the Macintosh computer family and between various research settings), user-friendliness (equivalent to Macintosh programming standards), flexibility (to allow replication and extension of important experiments on visual search), and adaptability (very short design-to-data and data-to-analysis turnaround times). We describe how the software meets these goals in three major phases of an experiment: stimulus construction, experimental control, and statistical analysis. We then list several landmark studies of visual search that can be easily designed and extended with the software. Finally, we outline plans for expanding the experimental variations that will be supported in future versions of the software.

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