CBR Scene Perception Workshop.
J.K. O'Regan, R.A. Rensink, and J.J. Clark, Cambridge Basic Research, Nissan Research & Development, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

CBR Technical Report TR-95-2. 1995.


Studies of eye movements, on memory for scenes, and on visual attention, have for a long time proceeded in a fairly independent way. But in recent years it is becoming apparent that the three disciplines have something to be gained from exchanging ideas: Scene knowledge (and therefore scene memory) originates in eye exploration, but certainly also drives eye exploration. Attention and eye movements are intimately related, as are attention and memory.

The purpose of this workshop is to invite a small number of researchers from the three fields who have not been talking together (but should have), and encourage them to do so! The meeting is organized in an informal way, and ample time is allotted for discussion.

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