PSYC 358

Evolutionary Psychology


These are “bare-bones” versions of slides presented in lectures,

containing key bits of information in the form of text and figures,

downloadable as PowerPoint files.

(click on the date/topic indicated)


September 5 (Thursday)

Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology


September 10 (Tuesday)

Logical principles underlying evolutionary psychology


September 12 (Thursday)

The gene’s-eye view of life


September 17 (Tuesday)

Good genes


September 19 (Thursday)

Adapted cognition


September 24 (Tuesday)

The social context of adapted cognition


September 26 (Thursday)

Inclusive fitness and its implications


October 3 (Tuesday)

Looking back


October 8 (Tuesday)

Looking forward (Evolution and motivation)


October 10 (Thursday)

Better safe than sorry (Error management)


October 15 (Tuesday)

The behavioral immune system


October 17 (Thursday)

Parental (and grandparental) investment


October 22 (Tuesday)

Parental investment and sex differences in sexual behavior


October 24 (Thursday)

Mate preferences


October 29 (Tuesday)

Choosy women, show-off-y men


October 31 (Thursday)

Beyond sexual stereotypes (Focus on female short-term mating)


November 7 (Thursday)

More kinship (Focus on kin-recognition cues)


November 12 (Tuesday)

More parental investment (Focus on psychological mechanisms)


November 14 (Thursday)

Reciprocity and cooperation


November 19 (Tuesday)

Emotions and emotional expressions


November 21 (Thursday)

Intergroup conflict


November 26 (Tuesday)

Evolution and culture


 November 28 (Thursday)

The perils and prospects of evolutionary psychology