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My Teaching Philosophy

As an educator I approach each course, student and mentorship opportunity with a drive to share my passion and excitement for our field, and am humbled by the challenge to do so in a language that resonates with each student’s personal learning style and goals. I believe that successful instruction engages the student and encourages him or her to think critically about theory, method and data. To achieve this, I strive to emphasize the process of scientific discovery, not just its product. I want my students to develop skills that allow them to question and evaluate research design and data and to better understand the connections between the results of scientific studies and the inferences they support. With this approach, I aim to help them develop as thinkers, as these analytical skills will be invaluable regardless of the varied careers and life courses my students will ultimately pursue.


Courses Taught (at the University of British Columbia)

Course: Psychology 588-921: Special Topics: Implicit Cognition and Behavior

Date: Summer 2015


Course: Psychology 315: Child and Adolescent Development

Date: Winter 2011; Fall 2011; Fall 2012; Winter 2014; Fall 2014


Course: Psychology 413: Social Cognitive Development

Date: Winter 2010; Winter 2011; Fall 2012


Courses Taught (at Harvard University)

Course: Sophomore Tutorial (download syllabus, course for sophomore psychology concentrators)

Date: Spring 2008; Fall 2009


Course: Senior Tutorial (course for senior thesis students)

Date: 2007-2008 academic year


Course: Undergraduate Research Lab

Date: Spring 2007


Course: Contemporary Topics in Psychological Research

Date: Fall 2006; Fall 2007


Educational consulting / Professsional development

Classroom in Context: Perspectives from Cognitive and Social Science

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington, MA: 29 April 2010

Classroom in Context: Perspectives from Cognitive and Social Science

Greater Lawrence Technical High School, Lawrence, MA: 04 November 2009

Confronting our Hidden Biases: Applied Psychology

Staff training, Bureau of Study Counsel, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: 12 December 2008


The Learning Child: How Psychological Research Informs Educational Practice

Curran Early Childhood Center, Dedham Public Schools; 9 December 2008


The Psychological Study of Bias and the Implications for Tolerance Education

Commonwealth School, Boston, MA: 4 December 2008


Affecting Classroom Achievement: Insight from Current Research in Cognitive and Social Science

Symposium at the 14th annual meeting of the New England Conference on Gifted and Talented; Mansfield, MA; 17 October 2008


The Nature of Unconscious Bias

Emerson College; 18 August 2008


Measuring Unconscious Bias and Its Influence on Behavior

MIT Medical Diversity Fair, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA; 31 July 2008


Making Sense of the Social World: Insights from Children

Adult Workshop at the Boston Museum of Science; Boston, MA; 20 March 2008


Boosting Academic Achievement in the Classroom: Insights from the Brain Sciences

(Graduate course for K-12 teachers through Endicott College)

Franklin Public Schools; Franklin, MA; 31 January 2008


Uncovering the Nature of Implicit Biases in Adults and Children

Community for Diversity, Milton Academy; Milton, MA; 17 January 2008


Social Cognitive Development and Racism

Adult Workshop at the Boston Museum of Science; Boston, MA; 15 November 2007


Seminar on Stages of Cognitive Development (for K-12 teachers)

Lawrence Public Schools; Lawrence, MA; 4 August 2006


Instructor: Brain Blast – course for children ages 9-11 on psychology and the brain   

Kaleidoscope – summer enrichment program for children; July 2006; 2007; 2008