This instrument was developed to differentiate the original locus of control scale (Rotter, 1963) scale into

three major spheres of life: Personal Achievement, Interpersonal Relations, and the Social-Political world.

The SOC inventory contains a separate subscale to measure perceived control in each domain.

Such an inventory seemed necessary because individuals can be high in personal control but low in interpersonal and

socio-political control, for example.  Any other combination is possible, although personal is usually higher than

interpersonal, which is usually higher than soci-political control.  Research with the three subscales supports this more

differentiated view.

Version I was published in a 1983 JPSP article (Paulhus, 1983), which gives complete background information including all the validity studies. The measure was also presented in a compendia assembled by Lefcourt (1981 and 1991).

Version II was never released.

Version III was published in a 1990 PID article (Paulhus & Van Selst, 1990). This is the recommended

        version for use. Click here for the instrument.      That above article also contains a review of all the literature

        up until 1990. There is no recent review that I know of.


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