03.1 – Texture Perception; Ensemble Coding


Madison Elliott


What will be covered

o   Edge Detectors - Gabor filters

o   Texture Segmentation; Texture Coding

o   Ensemble Coding

o   Application to Visual Design & Statistical Graphics


Presentation [notes]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



Ware, ch 3 - Neurons, Receptive Fields, and Brightness Illusions [recap]

Ware, ch 5 - V1, Channels, and Tuned Receptors

Ware, ch 6 - Texture: Theory and Data Mapping

Szafir et al. (2016).  Four types of ensemble coding in data visualizations.  [pdf]



            Palmer, section 6.2.3

            Healey & Enns (1999).  Large Datasets at a Glance.  [pdf]

            Ware & Knight (1995). Using Visual Texture for Information Display. [pdf]


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