03.2 – Statistical Graphics


Jordan Brace


What will be covered

o   The basic elements of statistical graphics

o   Evaluation techniques

o   Connection to visual perception


Presentation [notes]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



Cleveland, The Elements of Graphing Data, ch. 1, 4. [pdf] [pdf]

Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information: ch 4-6.  [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]



            Cleveland & McGill, Graphical Perception: Theory, Experimentation, and Application  [pdf]

            Wainer & Velleman,  Statistical Graphics: Mapping the Pathways of Science.  [pdf]

            Friel, Curceio, & Bright, Making Sense of Graphs: Critical Factors Influencing Comprehension and Instructional Implications. [pdf]

            Rensink, The Nature of Correlation Perception in Scatterplots.  [pdf]


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