04.1 – Motion Perception




What will be covered

o   Motion Detectors; Apparent Motion

o   Optic Flow; Focus of Expansion

o   Time to Collision

o   Motion Parallax; Shape from Motion

o   Application to Visual Design


Presentation [notes] [storytelling]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



Ware, ch. 6, section: Patterns in Motion

Ware, ch. 6, section: Perception of Animated Motion

Palmer, ch. 10, sections 10.1-10.3

Bartram,  Perceptual and Interpretative Properties of Motion for Information Visualization.  [pdf]



Palmer, ch 5, section 5.4

Sekuler et al, Motion perception. [pdf]

Huber & Healey, Visualizing Data with Motion.  [pdf]


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