04.2 – Depiction of Motion; Animation




What will be covered

o   Depiction of motion in static images

o   The use of animation to convey information

o   The basic elements of classical animation

o   Connection to visual perception


Presentation [notes]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



Tversky, Morrison, & Betrancourt,  Animation: Can It Facilitate? [pdf]

McCloud, Understanding Comics, pp. 107-117. [pdf]

Williams, Animator's Survival Kit, pp 11-20, 226-230, 273-284. [pdf]



Baecker et al, Bringing Icons to Life, pp. 444-449. [pdf]

Gillan & Sapp, Static Representation of Object Motion.  [pdf]

Cutting (2002). Representing Motion in a Static Image. [pdf]

Whitaker & Halas, Timing for Animation, pp. 58-75. [pdf]

Kadaba et al, Visualizing Causal Semantics Using Animations. [pdf]


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