08.2 – Glyphs; Encodings


Ke Zhang


What will be covered

o   The design of glyphs

o   Visual variables

o   Connection to perceptual mechanisms


Presentation [notes]


Essays   [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



Ware, ch. 5, section: Integral and Separable Dimensions: Glyph Design

Ware, ch. 5, section: Representing Quantity

Carpendale (2003). Considering Visual Variables as a Basis for Information Visualisation. [pdf]

Borgo et al (2013).  Glyph-based Visualization. [pdf]



Palmer, section 11.2.4.

Wolfe & Horowitz. (2004).  What Attributes Guide the Deployment of Visual Attention and How Do They Do It.  Nature Reviews. [pdf]

Ebert et al.  Procedural Shape Generation for Multidimensional Data Visualization [pdf]

Forsell et al. Simple 3D Glyphs for Spatial Multivariate Data [pdf]

Saket et al. Evaluating Interactive Graphical Encodings for Data Visualization [pdf]


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