08.1 – Visual Attention


Brandon Tomm


What will be covered

o   Guidance of attention

o   Change blindness; inattentional blindness

o   Complex preattentive properties that make detection easier / more difficult

o   Application to visual design


Presentation [notes]


Essays [Alpha] [Bravo] [Charlie]



Ware, ch 5, section: Integral and Separable Dimensions

Ware, ch 11, section: The Cognitive System; Memory and Attention

RA Rensink (2011). The Management of Visual Attention in Graphic Displays.  [pdf]



Palmer, section 11.2.4.

A MacEachren (1995).  How Maps Work, pp 80-101. [pdf]

Findlater et al. (2009).  Ephemeral Adaptation:  The Use of Gradual Onset to Improve Menu Selection Performance.  [pdf]

S Wood et al. (2005).  Attention Design: Eight Issues to Consider. [pdf]


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